Yamanaka is proud to be a part of the thriving fishing industry of Sanriku and Tokuku. The excellent quality of our products is the crystallization of the pristine environment and our dedication towards a safe, sustainable production and aquaculture.

Sanriku is one of the best fish sanctuaries in the world and also one of the three largest fishing grounds in the world.

FARM TO TABLE, FARM TO HOME: are two great missions we must carry out to bring the best value to end-users as well as protect the rights of fishermen and farmers.

Using Sashimi standard Proton freezing technologies and consulting sales solutions to ensure: Goods are not wasted, product quality is up to optimal standards

Providing the most accurate information to help customers easily use the products.


Distributor in the Southen Part of Viet Nam

Distributor in the Northbound Part of Viet Nam

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